GrowInfinite 1.2.19

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Create growing trees, plants and many other fractals...

If you like to know the back story of this toolset you can check Mojtaba Oriuee website :

GrowInfinite 1.2.19 , a growing toolkit for Houdini with 37 HDAs

Works with Houdini 19.5 on windows only! H17.5 to H19 supported on all Operating Systems.

Some of the features:

  • Create grow-ready plants from scratch.
  • Growth Based Bend /noise/gravity controls with constant number of points from start to finish and ultimate retime capabilities
  • Gravity controls from base/tip, force generated from parent directions, and many fun gravity styles
  • Local and global twist deformer
  • Growth based displacement and UVs
  • Generate colors by length, growth, UV, depth, etc., and color controls forces like gravity, noise, bend, displacement, and even size and rotation of the next layer at will
  • Growth can end up on any shape you want =-)
  • Not just trees! Many fractal styles can be created
  • Instance friendly leaves and bark growth tools for huge trees and high poly situations
  • Control Branch Density /rotation and scaling with just one keyframe on growth

After creating Growing Copy you can cache branch lines to disk only and create mesh, color, instancing, retime, gravity, noise forever without license check.28 HDAs you can use freely forever after licensing or on any render farm you work on, you can cache branches and their color data only, then do meshing, instancing and bark generation through your render farm which means you'll have a small cache to build big things later.

Update History:

*if you have open projects from previous builds which don't get you the similar results drop us a line to send you that build.

GrowInfinite 1.2.19

"Growing UV" has a new tab called "Sync To Next level" , It matches your branches uvs to their sub branch ( doesn't support growing trunk now but you can use growing surface with one point only as source) - ALSO it works for "growing leaves mesh" only

Growing leaves mesh has a cap end option and if you are using circle as custom section input, Also if it be an open curve UVs would be better.

GrowInfinite 1.2.16

If you are using "Growing_Surface" to grow branches on another custom line, you can calculate normals before "Growing_Surface" and rotation of next level branches would be calculated better.

GrowInfinite 1.2.15

"Growing_Optimize_Mesh" has a "copy" mode, which helps to optimize input of "Growing Copy" in a significant way... now we can create more huge scenarios.

GrowInifnite 1.2.13

Python 3.0 is now supported

GrowInifnite 1.2.12

Switching between main and backup servers is now automatic for subscribers. (Perpetual has no online check)

Reference frame added to Growing Bark and Growing Displacement

GrowInifnite 1.2.11

Rotations are now more accurate for leaf sections, branches and instancing

Growing Normal updated

Gravity can accept per point vector attributes that means lots of possibilities... Please Try: Nu, N2, bsN, bsNu ...

Growing Copy can now accept just one point as input

Growing Surface Bugfix

Growing Branch Manipulation Bugfix

Growing mesh optimize accepts pscale as measurement base

GrowInfinite 1.1.03:

A problem in calculation of branches and instances rotation is solved and now we can create rotationally accurate shapes easy,

Growing surface updated

Growing Optimize Mesh can handle based on pscale

GrowInfinite 1.1.02:

Growing Surface tutorial added.

Using UV in Growing color bug fix.

Using growing costume shape with growing copy in instance mode conflict solved.

GrowInfinite 1.1.01:

Growing Surface will accept surfaces with animated color.

GrowInfinite 1.1:

Perpetual version for any indie artist... As well as small studios with less than 100,000$ annual income.

Growing leaves mesh generator now can be up to 100x faster than previous version for heavy trees!

Growing Copy now supports mirrored rotations better than before so you can create subjects like ferns more easy... (described in fern tutorial)

Growing Color now has more organized ui and additional features, it has also an option to get color from Mirrored rotations, every next point and every next branch,

Growing Twist now supports twisting among spine over mesh segments.

Growing Gravity now supports branch self start and end points as target.

Most of noises have rotation option to simplify things better.

Growing noise is now more realistic.

Growing Bend now recovers rotation of base more smoothly.

Growing Manipulation now accepts Color Data and you can do transformations exactly like what is possible in Growing Copy with close to zero recalculation! using this node you can now deal with trunks with high thickness so your branches don't get drawn in trunk! (described in fern tutorial)

Free tutorial of fern creation in

GrowInfinite 1.02:

GrowingProjection is more compatible

Free tutorial of growing projection in

What is included?

1- 37 HDAs to create extremely detailed trees and generative art! (Please make sure you also downloaded BACKUP hdas which can help if there is a problem with the main subscription server)

2- 3 hours Growing Fir creation tutorial from scratch to look dev in Octane and camera setup as introduction about bases in 3 videos

3- Growing Fir hip file shaded with Octane

4- Growing Broad Leaf tree shaded with Octane

5- Growing Flower to learn how bending, leaf mesh, mesh gravity, and color work together...

6- Growing inside example

7- Growing Fern hip files

8- Growing Surface instructions

9- Growing IVY scene setup

10- Please visit for more tutorials

note: these files are prepared to be able for cinematic closeups use, So they are a bit heavy, you can optimize and use them based on your need at will by visiting the introduction tutorial... Generation of these huge trees may take up to 6 minutes on a machine with 64 GB of Ram And Core i7 5960X.(After first calculation calculating growth for other frames will be up to 5 times faster ) If you are working with 16 GB of Ram its highly recommended to check light versions and study them... using file cache in end of each level can reduce ram usage significantly and if you have that in game you can also work with high versions.

Supports Houdini 17.5 +


Its blackboxed and needs activation code to run on each machine,

for 30 day, 6 month and yearly subscription you need to have internet access on your machine. Perpetual license will not need any internet connection and will have updates till one year.

After purchase... please download the content and follow instructions to get request code, send it to us and receive your license, We will complete activation process within 1 to 24 hours after receiving request code . therefor we add 4 extra days freely to each subscription license type to make sure you can renew your license in each period with ease.

ALL OF LICENCES ARE NODE-LOCKED AND NOT ABLE TO BE USED ON ANY OTHER MACHINE THAN FIRST ONE, ie if you change your computer you can not use same true licence that was working on previous computer, on your new computer.


We would thank you if you mention this tool as well but there is no restrictions.


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GrowInfinite 1.2.19

Introduction Tutorial
3 hrs
Sample Hip Files


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GrowInfinite 1.2.19

28 ratings
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